Designed to Compliment Any Room

Customer Testimonials

  • Beats youtube videos

    Way better than your speakers playing ambient noises on youtube

  • Calming

    The sound of raindrops are SO soothing!!!

  • Dim light

    I love the feature where I can cycle through the colors


    Oddly enough, my cat uses this to dring out of even though it's a humidifier, lol

  • These sound amazing!

    this is so helpful, i have anxiety and epilepsy. this calms me down so much

  • This has been a life-saver!

    I can now easily sleep to the sound of rain... It's so calming

Real Calm Rain Sounds Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Sleep Better At Night With Our Gentle Night Rain

    Easily run the rain cloud humidifier all night long to maintain healthy humidity levels in your room so you can sleep without dry air.  The calm night rain sounds will create a relaxing atmosphere in your mind so you can focus on falling asleep peacefully without distractions. The steady rainfall noises will block outside noise luring the brain to fall asleep.

  • Alleviate Allergies, Itchy Nose, and Dry Sinuses

    Add moisture to the air in your room. Dry air can cause nasal passages to dry out making them more vulnerable to allergens causing a runny irritated nose. Using our humidifier to maintain proper humidity levels in your home can create an environment without allergies annoying the nose. 

  • Our Humidifier Hydrates Dry Skin and Chapped Lips

    When the air is cold and dry you will notice your skin start to flake up in the face, hands, and especially the lips when you wake up. When you add moisture to the air using our rain cloud humidifier your skin starts to feel smoother and healthier. You can feel more comfortable during the day and relaxed during the night time in your room.